Friday, July 22, 2011

Sin City 2 Production Announced At Comic Con

Above:Robert Rodriguez and The Crazy Babysitter Twins

It's been rumored to be happening for the past six years, and now we finally have confirmation. Today (July 22) at Comic Con, uber-successful Latino director Robert Rodriguez announced that Sin City 2 is in the works, but only a third of it is written.
"Frank [Miller] has written a script for Sin City 2," he said. "It's called A Dame To Kill For. We're following the structure of the first film with three stories and a wrap-around. There's two new stories in there; one is called The Long Bad Night. It could be shot as early as this year - this is the closest we've been and if it's going to happen, it's going to happen this year. I'd love to do that in 3D, because I have an idea to do that in a way that 3D hasn't been used before."
He can keep the 3D, that fad needs to die already. But besides that, I'm excited to hear more about it especially cast members. There was this huge rumor going around that Angelina Jolie was signed up for the film, but only time will tell if that's true.