Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kid Cudi - Cudderisback

cudderisback from Decon on Vimeo.

Cudi dropped a low-budget video for some track named "cuderisback." I'm down with the whole let'smakeavideofor20dollars thing. It's budget friendly and, if done creatively, could be better than most high-budget, mainstream videos released by record labels today.
We always knew Cudi was a pothead, but I'm concerned that more videos like this will have him on nation-wide police hit lists.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crack Rock Approved: Plantlife/Nina Sky - Love 4 The World/Turnin' Me On

To download, right click Here
This is a track mixed by Diplo on his Fabric Live 24. Fabric is a hot spot for music in the London scene. This is the 24th installment of their series of compilation albums. Diplo has been doing shows there for years and is very popular with UK radio. I'm surprised I didn't hear about this earlier.
Anyways, the sizzling groove on Plant Life's "Love 4 the World" under Nina Sky's sexual voices makes this a pretty delicious track. I apologize for the ridiculously adjectives.

Who's that Girl?

That girl is Tatyana Ali also known as Ashley from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. A couple weeks ago, it was announced that the actress will star in an original situational comedy on TV One. Martin Lawrence has signed up as a producer. Hopefully, Lawrence will bring some of the humor he brought to Martin in this show.

The sitcom was created and produced on a very limited budget. It's creator, Bentley Kyle Evans, borrowed a lot of money to make his pilot and lucky for him, it was picked up by TV One.It doesn't seem to be anything special, but this is the first time TV One will air original programming.
This seems like another stereotypical black sit-com, though.
It will premiere later this year.
(Picture is from Ali's shoot in Mami magazine's January issue.)

Spring/Summer Crack Fashion: Tan Pants

Spring is near and nothing looks better in warm months than a crisp, clean look. I'm imagining pressed white button ups and soft blue cotton blowing in the wind. Nothing complements these colors better than comfort and style than khaki and tan (Second is a good jean).
Tan pants have become my new obsession.
Khaki colored jeans and a warm colored shirt = the bomb.com.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"There's Space For Ol Dat I See"

This is the first material dropped from M.I.A.'s upcoming album-yet to be titled. It was released via her Twitvid page.

Jazmine Sullivan "In Love With Another Man" Video. Amazing.

Not an official video, but it is officially amazing. Directed by Matthew Cherry.

Monday, January 11, 2010

M.I.A. Comin' Back With More Power

Don't call it a comeback. After a short-lived retirement,A failed world tour, giving birth, being nominated for an Oscar and not releasing an album since 2007, M.I.A. talks about her new album.
She said this album will be her most honest yet, and since she said she wanted to do country music via her Twitter page, we believe this will be a very different M.I.A. we see in 2010.
The songs will be produced by her usual partners in crime: Diplo, Switch and Blaqstarr. One song even features a collaboration with Filipino Verizon call center employees called, "I'm Down Like Your Internet Connection."
Rolling Stone named M.I.A. one of the most influential artists of the decade. She told them this is her album to accept the fact that she is a musical artist. She said her first two albums just happened and she really didn't identify herself as being a musician.

New Release: Corinne Bailey Rae

Corrine Bailey Rae has come back with more music. This beautiful UK songstress' last release was her debut Corinne Bailey Rae in February 2006. She is dropping her second album, The Sea, January 26.
Her first single, I'd do it all again, is probably about her husband, who committed suicide in 2008. The song is beautiful and so is the video see below. It was directed by director Jamie Thraves, who also directed Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’.

Corinne Bailey Rae "I'd Do It All Again"

Corinne Bailey Rae | MySpace Music Videos

Old Rihanna News is Better Than no Rihanna News

Ri-Ri covered the January 2010 issue of GQ magazine. The image is pleasure from top to bottom. Note her her Rated R hair (blond on top and shaved on both sides), which matches the color of her skin; beautiful. She's giving you "tiger" in her eyes and mouth. She's topless, which is nice, but not surprising. Lastly, she's wearing leather booty shorts; Amazing.

Rihanna is expected to be releasing a photo book in June. We'll Crack Rock approve it for you.