Friday, July 22, 2011

Kreayshawn's "Left Eye" Track Might Blow "Gucci Gucci" Out The Water

By now we all know the story of little Kreayshawn from the Bay area, and we either love or loathe her debut single "Gucci Gucci." Well, she's been doing some minor touring in major U.S. cities with a four-track set list. And in addition to her "Gucci" claim to fame, there's a stand out track in her set called "Left Eye." It's a based-out street banger in which Kreayshawn catches her man with another woman before she goes all kinds of crazy-woman memes from the past including not only burning down a house like Left Eye but going Lorena Bobbit and Amy Winehouse. I'm sure women and gay men will relate to this one, and it's so Gucci Mane-Lil' B-sounding that guys will like it too. It has potential and shows hope that maybe Kreayshawn will stick around longer than 15 minutes.