Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fashion: Learn from Fab's Mistakes and Keep it Simple

Really Fab? Your neck is doing entirely too much. Fabolous couldn't decide if he wanted to be a nerd or a rapper before this year's Summer Jam. The choice was between the Good Wood NYC magnetic bow tie or his Street Fam clique chain, and he chose both. Not a good look. One or the other, homie. Because style is about everything you have on making sense, and those two very noticeable accessories are making a commotion on his neck--not sweet music. But a lot of people probably thought this diamond-chain-bow-tie combination was acceptable. Funk Master Flex's site lauded this behavior. I just think this exhibits his indecisiveness (not to mention his tackiness).
If any of you are familiar with VH1 and its recent programming, you may have heard of a show called "Love & Hip Hop." Well, Fab's baby-mom Emily B is on the show, and she shares her dismal story of living in the shadows of Fab's life. The woman's last dying wish is for Fab to acknowledge her existence. She has been with him for eight years, has a son by him and is his stylist (side eye to that). But he won't take her down the red carpet and won't name her in his tracks.
But why does this surprise her? The man can't decide whether he wants to wear a bow tie or a chain before he performs in front of thousands of New Yorkers. Don't be shocked when he can't make his mind up about the women in his life. This man is walking around with his name misspelled, and apparently he didn't even choose it. DJ Clue did it for him. Indecisive...